Fund Administrators 

Fund Administrators face constant challenges, from regulatory demands, changes in client requirements and in addressing their own corporate challenges such as managing and optimizing internal infrastructure and growth. 

Paddock Consultancy can help Administrators who are:

  • Looking to expand geographically - by assisting with the identification of acquisition targets (or partners) and assist with due diligence exercises.
  • Looking to sharpen their go to market tactics - by developing sales attack plans, reviewing sales organization and incentive plans, creating marketing/branding plans and refining the product development process.
  • Facing integration issues - by managing integration plans, reviewing future state organizational structures and assessing personnel requirements.
  • Who are questioning product arrays - by benchmarking against the competition, defining client segmentation and developing client solutions strategies for cross-sales.

Fund Managers

Fund Managers can access short term assistance with product, business expansion or technology challenges. 

Paddock Consultancy can assist Fund Managers who are:

  • Launching a new fund through managing provider selection; including lawyers, auditors, administrators and board directors. 
  • Wishing to review their operational infrastructure - by reviewing the Total Cost of Ownership across current software platforms and third party applications for middle and back office.
  • Looking to strengthen executive leadership - by providing advisory or corporate board directorship.

Private Equity Firms

Private Equity firms in the market or process of taking positions in financial services companies can access due diligence or management resources.

Paddock Consultancy can help Private Equity Firms who are:

  • Taking or divesting an ownership position by - assisting in due diligence activities.
  • Require further management depth - by assuming executive roles or advisory and board positions.
  • Identifying market opportunities - by providing competitive analysis and consultation.

Robo Advisors

Wealth Management firms, or firms servicing advisors taking advantage of the digitization of the wealth management market, face profitability challenges in successfully delivering a solution to their clients.

Paddock Consultancy can help Robo Advisors who are:

  • Building a Robo solution - by analyzing and explaining the chain of support and delivery.
  • Looking to reduce overall costs - by delivering cutting edge technologies developed and designed to provide client and advisor tools as well as reduce clearing costs.
  • Looking to review cost structures - by comparing technology platforms directly supporting the environment, front office to clearing and custody charges.


Paddock Consultancy applies its expertise, reach and connections across several markets:

  • Global Alternative Investments, Hedge Funds, Hybrid Funds, and other Partnership Structures.
  • Global Long Funds, 40 Act Mutual Funds, UCITS, Liquid Alts and other separate account and platform series trusts.
  • Private Equity and Real Estate Funds.
  • Wealth management through the development of digital (Robo) solutions.

Executive Management

Paddock Consultancy can provide strategic and tactical advice and assistance by becoming an immediate member of your executive team delivering services such as:

  • Interim Management and Executive Recruiting.
  • Sales Management and Structure Development.
  • Marketing and Brand Strategies.
  • Global Account Relationship Management and Client Solutions.
  • Acquisition and Divestiture Preparation.
  • Board or Advisory Board Positions.

We will share ideas, solutions and road maps that successful clients have considered and worked through.

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Engaging with Paddock Consultancy

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Paddock Consultancy delivers tactical, on the ground, management assistance solutions to fund administrators, fund managers and private equity firms through short term contracts and consultancy projects. With an eye toward growth, stability and product expansion, Paddock Consultancy can easily integrate into client strategic decision making processes, to help them achieve their goals through innovation and guidance.

Paddock Consultancy brings expertise directly or through selected ecosystems to everyday and strategic problems and tasks faced by clients in operations, sales, compliance, technology and acquisitions or divestitures, around the world.

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The mission of Paddock Consultancy is to bring expertise and resources to clients in the financial services space facing the challenges of growth, expansion, and operating environments, through short term mission critical contracts. Our goal is to assist clients with objective, professional solutions to help them grow their business with their customers in mind, in a cost effective manner. Our results are measured on the client's ability to solve a problem using experienced, seasoned resources.